We sell branded and high level products with the

The BIG SALE is the Retail Project of Alinkas Holding Group.

How we handle the sales

B2B – In our exclusive International partners network.

B2C – In our big stores and through different pop up temporary store events, held seasonally.

History of the Temporary shop concept

This system was born in Great Britain in 2003 and had a large success following in the world-famous marketing center: New York City. In no time, many Pop Up Stores or vacant shops (sudden stores opening) starting showing up emphasizing the lack of a traditional advertising system.


One of the main characteristics of the temporary shop is the high possibility to draw people’s attention as it showcases product that can be unusual and only temporarily available.

More importantly, is the fact that temporary shops do not offer “second choice” products or past seasons collections. Instead, they offer up-to-date products which can frequently be found only in limited editions and on a first come, first serve basis.

Shopping in a temporary store is convenient if the customer wants to save money on their purchases. Besides the opening and closing date for the temporary shop being a limited time, it is exciting for customers and it gives the feeling of being invited to an exclusive event for only a few people versus the usual shopping experience.